A.R.CUNLIFFE offers a range of services that primarily focus on the construction phase (stage 5) of projects but extend to cover all stages from inception (stage 1) to handover (stage 6). Our services do not currently encompass the operational life of projects (post stage 6/handover).

Our services are primarily focused on high-end residential projects, but we have experience with commercial and retail projects, easily covering these industry sectors as well. Our projects typically fall within the R30-R100m tender range.

Programming & Planning

We assist property developers and contractors in planning and managing the timeline of their projects. Our services include:

  • Developing and implementing detailed construction programs;
  • Managing detailed long lead/appointment schedules (LLS);
  • Controlling detailed information required schedules (IRS) and managing RFIs;
  • Coordinating subcontractors on-site;
  • Updating the construction programme, LLS, & IRS;
  • Compiling project progress reports based on the construction program;
  • Monitoring and reporting on delays;
  • Conducting Time/Delay Impact Analyses for delay claims;
  • Assisting with the drafting and submission of Delay Notices and Extension of Time Claims.

Client Representation

We support property developers and owners in monitoring their projects, particularly when clients cannot regularly visit the project site (if they live abroad, for example) or are not well-versed in construction processes. Our services include:

  • Regular site visits to check progress, quality, health, and safety (without replacing an HSE officer);
  • Representation at site meetings on behalf of the client;
  • Liaison between the client, the professional team, and contractors for special client requests/concerns;
  • Managing communication with neighbours regarding on-site activities;
  • Compiling regular project progress reports;
  • Providing photographic reports of work on site.

Project Management

A.R.CUNLIFFE collaborates with other firms to offer outsourced project management skills and resources. We work closely with developers, contractors, and architects to enhance project management resources and improve project control. Our general services include:

  • Project coordination;
  • Project programming and planning;
  • Information coordination;
  • Coordinating contractors and subcontractors;
  • Acting as a liaison between contractors, professional teams, and clients;
  • Coordinating long lead/appointments;
  • Monitoring project progress;
  • Ensuring work quality;
  • Managing project budgets;
  • Overall on-site work monitoring.

Green Star Buildings & Alternative Construction Methods

We provide Green Star rating AP services to help projects achieve desired Green Star ratings, with a particular focus on New Builds and Major Refurbishments. Our involvement begins in the early design stages and continues through construction to project handover. Please note that our services currently do not extend into the operational life of the project.

Pre-Construction Project Management

We offer services to architects to assist with the administration and management of pre-construction design stages (stages 1-4). This includes:

  • Managing information flow;
  • Handling project administration;
  • Collaborating with the design team to track project goals and deliverables;
  • Adjudicating tenders and initiating project procurement;
  • Creating design stage programs and plans;
  • Developing, implementing, and managing a detailed design stage program.